Birthday Celebration

It feels like it takes forever to arrive, and then my favorite season seems to fly by! The multiple sports schedules and the end of the school year seem to be a hectic lead in to summertime and it is nice to finally have the summer months to relax our schedules a bit and have some fun.

My birthday was in June and I told Chris back in February that I wanted to sit at the Chef's Table at The Stoop Kitchen for my birthday dinner. I anticipated this evening for months and it did not disappoint! We had a fabulous meal and savored our time watching the dinner prep in all of its glory. While the outside patio is definitely the place to be this summer, I loved being able to indulge my inner chef and see how many of the dishes we relish were prepared and plated. The best part was that Chris didn't even realize all of my choices were vegan until we finished our dinner! Take a look at some of the excellent dishes from Executive Chef Sarah Hassler, Jayden White, and Carter Smith that we got to enjoy.